Lunch and learn

My child laying on the floor, throwing a fit, saying ” I am not going to help pick up”. We are at the end of a fun play date. I am trying not to get angry become impatient, but trying to look patient.  You know that feeling that creeps in your stomach, that pit feeling, like your child at times is an extension of you. That pit feeling that all eyes are on you, judging you, screaming in their head “My child would NEVER do that.”


I am blessed with two beautiful little girls. I love them so much.  With that blessings, come the entrust from God to raise my girls to the standard that I am called to as a mother. I am an example to my girls. The way I react and live my life, is an example to of Christ. Hopefully, in their salvation story, I am apart of that. I am a Godly example of what a woman is in their life…not on this day.

So, there lays my child. I quietly cleaned up the mess she had made, and quickly left the scene of the play date. I could blame her actions on being tired, or overstimulated, but she was just not listening. She was not doing what she was being told. I as her mother, sat with my pride, because my child should know better than to act in that fashion. All around me,  I felt the weight of sin. The sin of my pride of wanting perfection out of my children, when, I, myself, can not be perfect. Just plain old self-defeating moment.

I am often reminded of Romans 3:23 ” for we all have sinned and fall short of the glory of the Lord.”  In this instance, its true, that day, my child and I both had fallen short of God’s glory. My pride had gotten in the way of loving my child in the way she needed. I was too worried about what others were thinking of me and her. In my mind, thoughts were racing…Child, get off the floor? (that actually came out of my mouth, loving huh?), Why is she doing this? She is wanting to embarrass me in front of  my friend? I hope I am not the only one who has had those thoughts, if I am, than I will stand alone.

What I should have been thinking of is what God what thinking, how I could bring my child up in His ways, so that she would not depart from it.

Then I was reminded of Romans 8:1  “There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” When we confess our sins and allow God to take over, there is no condemnation, there is only grace, mercy and love.

I am not the perfect parent, my children are not perfect, but with a perfect God, we will be refined and one day made perfect.

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