What’s fair in life?


“My life is not fair” is the thought that ran across my mind today, Saturday, as my printed would not turn on.

As I grumbled that my husband should be home to help me, he should have made sure all of the technology worked in my house before he left me all weekend and that I, Jen, should not be inconvenienced in any way. (I really didn’t say the last part, but I might as well have.)

“My life is not fair”.  I, my arrogant self, grumbled all the way to the car with my two children in tow to go fill a box for a child in another country. I knew I was being incredibly sinful, so I turned down my music and confessed my sin.

And began to think…What is fair? What is unfair?

Earlier that morning, I had bought a card for a friend with cancer who is a young mother, that’s unfair. 

I had bought toys, hygiene products, and other things that a child would need because  they lived in a country that lacked the resources to provide them with everything they need, that’s unfair.


I listen to stories everyday  from people from broken homes, abusive homes, and/or homes that lack the resources they need, that’s unfair. 

My broken printer seemed stupid. My arrogance was shameful. My attitude was awful.

Then I remembered bible study, “We have to get out of our heads that life is not fair.”

What?! Excuse me?! EVERYTHING I listed below my arrogant attitude “seems” unfair. It’s not fair that my friend who is young has cancer, it’s not fair that children don’t have what they need, it’s not fair that people are abused…

Then a whisper…“I got this.”

The only unfair thing that has every happened on the face of this earth was to Jesus. A sinless man who died a sinner’s death to save me from eternal hell.

Life may seem “unfair”.  But its not. It’s apart of His plan. Whatever the Smith’s have or you lack, it’s because God wants you to have something different. We live in a broken world that Jesus is going to come back and save one day but until then I know He is:








“I got this. Lay your burden on me.”

Yes, my printer broke today. It was not the end of the world.

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