A new attitude

I walked into a warehouse. I am not sure if it was a real warehouse, but it looked like one. There were ropes hanging from the ceiling.  I wonder if I had walked into some type of torture. I had walked into crossfit for my first class. I had no idea what I was walking into.  I am not doing the intense  “real” crossfit. I am doing the  toned down version. I do everything cross fitters do without the heavy lifting.

Flickr  2013 Ali Samievivala

Ali Samievivala

I walked into my second class. Excited, ready and feeling a little too self-assured about myself. I was humbled really quickly. They pulled out a real jump rope, a box (which required me to jump on top of it) and a serious amount of exercises that I had never done.  I began steady and on top of it. I was on my game.  I am in decent shape, not horrible, not the best. Then I began the burbee and jumping on top of a box. I actually was able to jump on top of the box.  I was excited that I had made that achievement.  All of sudden it became difficult. I was on my high of jumping onto the box and realizing how much more I had to do.  I was already tired and I had to find my strength. I asked God for the strength and He supplied.

At the end was five minutes of abs and running. By the end, I was panting and sweating like a dog. I had never felt more accomplished in my life. I have a lot of room to grow, but I am excited to see how this helps my running career this summer.

Do something you always wanted to do, but too scared to try.  Ask God for guidance and just jump in. Sometimes all you need to do is jump. Take the first leap to whatever is holding you back.

I am also thankful for a husband who support all my wild ideas. Without his support, I could not take care of myself.  Thank you Ben. You are amazing.

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