Happily Ever After

My husband and I are fans of the show How I Met Your Mother. It’s a show about a man telling the story to his children about how he met their mother. There are two shows left to the series ending. We have never met the mother until this season. There are many theories out there about how the show will end. I could dicuss all the theories out there, but one stands out the most. The mother is dead. Ted, the father, has been telling the story (for nine seasons) to preserve her memory. There is outcry everywhere about this ending. Even I don’t like this ending. I began to think and read blogs on the subject of happy endings. Every sitcom,we expect, are to end happily. Ted is expected to met the mother, fall in love and live happily ever after. That’s it.


But is it? No. Real life is not as easy as the ending to a great show. My story with my husband did not start off with the romantic look. Our love story is nothing hollywood would write about or any writer for that matter. Our wedding day was not a happily ever after the moment we said “I do” because we had a day after and the day after that. You see happily ever after only happens in pretend. The happily ever after happens every day, when you are put to the test and you stick to it. Today with divorce being so easy and quick. It’s harder to stick with a spouse until death.

Side note: IF you are in a domestic violence relationship. Please leave and seek the help that you need. It does not say anywhere in the bible that a woman should be mistreated. Your husband is to love you like CHRIST loves the church.

Single women, love stories are amazing, but they are just that…love stories. The greatest love story is found in the bible.  You see Jesus is the love you have been looking for and He will fill your heart. Jesus has been waiting for you.  Allow Him to fill your heart and stop looking for Prince Charming. He doesn’t exist. Then allow God to find your mate. He is the perfect match maker, but quit looking for the perfect spouse.

So, how will this series end? I am not sure. I will find out in two weeks 🙂

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