Last week,  I  was supposed to start my training for the upcoming marathon season. As a seasoned runner,  I had to listen to my body. I have issues with my body that are unexplainable in this moment. I have the privilege of health care and am able to go to specialist to figure out what is wrong with my stomach. The outcome is unsure but I will hopefully know soon.

This is a hard lesson for many runners. Whether you have been running for 20 years, 10 years,  2 years or 10 minutes. Listening to your body is the most important aspect to training.

My thought process is : ” I can run through anything.” In my heart I know,  I can’t. I am unable. I have had multiple injuries to let me know otherwise.

This week’s update is a bummer. I have restarted my training with an easy week this week. I know that I am able to complete the Chi-town marathon. I just need to have more faith in the process of healing.

Here is my  M & M update this week. I am hoping next week for a better report.

Advice? Tips?


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