M & M’s : Marathons & Monday’s update


I have really begun the hardcore training.  Work is winding down for the summer and more time is being devoted to my running. It is also becoming nicer outside. Well, it’s really hot. This week was my first “long” run Sunday. I was suppose to get up early and run before brunch with friends. My husband trying to be sweet woke me up an hour late. I decided that I would run later in the day around dinner time to my grandparents. My husband and kids would be meet me there an hour later.

I began the run around 5:00 in the afternoon. It was a balmy 88 degrees outside.  I started off too fast and told myself to slow down. I knew that if I didn’t then I would die out in the last phase in the run. I didn’t slow down. Can you guess what happened? I began to wear out before I should have and my time began to slow down. I was praying that my husband would be early with the kids and see my poor self running and pick  me up.

The Lord was good because none of those things happened. I had to work my way through the run. I had to mentally prepare myself . I began to think about the last two marathons. How hard it was to finish well.  Today, I felt the mental preparation begin. I believe that in marathon training mental awareness and preparedness is as important as being physically prepared.

How do you mentally prepare for a marathon?


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