I see you

Dear Woman at Aldis,

I see you. I see you with the tears in your eyes are you trudge in with your children. I see you with the tattered clothes and the messy hair. I see you with the children who are fighting all around you and you barely hanging on. I see you. I am not ignoring you as I give you a sympathetic smile. I do not pity you. I am praying for you. I know you. I see you everyday in the faces of countless other families. I know that you love your children. You are doing the best you know how with the set of skills you have been given. I understand you. You have been left to raised these precious babies by yourself. The  man who promised forever has now left for you for the next big thing, another woman, or just moved on with his life. I see you as you struggle with whether to buy the extras or just buy the essentials. You are weary. You wonder if this is what life has to offer, then it’s not good. You tired. You tired of playing mom and dad, when you know you shouldn’t have to. You worry that you aren’t enough and how will your children turn out. You wonder if the sacrifices you make will be enough or the cycle will just repeat itself. You dream about a better life, but that is too far out of reach. You wondered this God of universe if He exists, “Why” has he abandoned you.

The only thing I have to offer you is not words of wisdom for I have none. I can’t offer you more money, which I do not have. Just know, precious child of God, that He has not abandoned you. He loves you and waiting for you to trust him fully. When you do, His riches may not be on this earth, but it will be heaven.

As, I shop for my items around you. I smile at you because that is my way of saying “Way to go!” and “Keep it up!”. I do not know you. I do not know your past, but I do see you.


The woman next to you

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