Beware of Christians

Beware of Christians  caught my attention right away on Netflix. This documentary is about four college age young men on a journey through Europe.  It is a five-week journey throughout Europe is to find and live like Jesus. The young men find in each country something to focus on in their interviews.  For example, in Germany, they talk about the issue of alcohol because it’s the beer capital of the world.

I found the documentary  a testament to how God works. These young men had been churched their whole lives. They spoke the church world talk but lived a different life throughout the week. They had to look within to see if they were truly following Jesus or just following a legalist form of Christianity.

I found this documentary to be thought provoking to say the least. This left me convicted in areas of my life that I need to change.

Am I truly an example of Jesus?

The answer is no.  I have many areas of my life that need to be examined and really reflected upon.

My favorite line among many on the salvation prayer, ” At the end of the little prayer you pray, the pastor should tack on, this is the hardest choice you will ever make. You are handing your life over to God.” (Beware of Christians, 2011)

This is bigger than a five minute prayer. It is truly a lifestyle.

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