Valentine’s Day


Today is Valentine’s Day. You won’t be reading this blog on Valentine’s Day. I will post it the day after on February 15th.  This post will come to women that have had the best day, the worst day and just an okay day. Some women will read this as a single woman and wish for the love of their life, the perfect soul mate (He doesn’t exist.)  Some women will have completely boycotted the day with their loved one, because it’s  a “Hallmark” holiday. They will scream in rebellion against the overpriced chocolate, flowers and other cheese ball gifts out there.

Which woman am I? I am the lover of this holiday. I love Valentine’s day. I love being spoiled by my husband and seeing my girls spoiled by him. I love being loved in this way. Some might view this as shallow and materialist. Some might even question my Christianity.  Side note, Jesus is the first love of my life and Ben is the second.

Valentine’s Day in our house represents to our girls how a man should treat a woman.

I already hear the rebellion women in protest, “He should treat you this way ALL year-long”.

I will simply say, ” HE DOES”.

My girls see my husband doing the dishes after dinner has been eaten. They see him compliment me when I am in sweats or all dressed up. They see him kiss, hug, love on me all the time. To the point that my oldest has said ” You kiss too much.”  But on Valentine’s Day, my husband, steps it up a thousand degrees. He brings home flowers, chocolates, small gifts and most importantly his love for us. To us Valentine’s Day is treated no differently than any other holiday.  We center it around the love Christ. My husband is the demonstrating the love of Christ to his wife and children.

Take or leave Valentine’s Day, it really doesn’t matter. But in our home, we will take it.

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