A broken road

I sit in my classroom and look around. The shiny faces of my students working hard is all around me. I love them. Every last one of them. I am new to the profession of teaching. New as in being this is my second year as a teacher, but not new as in life. I […]

Crazy Cat lady

                I would never have thought I would become a cat person or lady. I mean cats are so…cats! They have no personality (or at least that’s what I thought). I have wanted a dog for years in our marriage. When we got married. We had two fur […]

Africa…Here I come?!

  In less than a week, I leave for Kenya, Africa. I am scared, excited and any other adjective that would describe sheer panic. I will have limited access to my cell phone, my family and really anything that connects me to the my world. Not the outside world because I will be traveling beyond […]

A new path

  I went back to work this year after three years of being home with my children. I loved my time at home. The decision to go back to work was not made lightly. I began the process of finding the perfect job for my new life. I honestly thought God would put me as […]

Valentine’s Day

Today is Valentine’s Day. You won’t be reading this blog on Valentine’s Day. I will post it the day after on February 15th.  This post will come to women that have had the best day, the worst day and just an okay day. Some women will read this as a single woman and wish for […]