A new path



I went back to work this year after three years of being home with my children. I loved my time at home. The decision to go back to work was not made lightly. I began the process of finding the perfect job for my new life. I honestly thought God would put me as a counselor somewhere. God had a different plan. I have landed as a part-time middle school teacher. I fell in love.


God had a different set of plans right after college. My plans included two kids, graduate school and three years full of learning what living within in your means really means. I began the search in late July and early August for a job. I ended up getting a fluke interview with my now boss. I don’t believe in flukes. I believe in God’s plan. This year has been difficult. I have cried a lot, was schooled a few times, and laughed. God stretched me in ways I never knew possible.


Being a working mom is hard. It has been hard to adjust to being somewhere by a certain time with kids in tow. They have to be at school and I have to be at work. I, at times, have to choose between conferences at school that run late and being home with my kids. Teachers can’t get all of their work done in the time at school. I often work on weekends and sometimes late at night. I am tired. My stay at home mom friends are no longer around, but a certain few.   I can’t do playdates , friend’s lunches out or dinners out during the week. It’s very hard. I feel lonely. My running has gone down because there are so few hours in the day.

So, I need to balance it all….finding my way through a new territory. It’s hard, but it’s good.  Any advice from the working moms out there?

3 thoughts on “A new path

  1. Prioritize. Decide what is important to you and your family. You will have to let certain things go and balance the rest.

  2. I’m so sorry that you feel lonely! You are loved!!! I miss you but know you are busy. I look forward to those mommies night out dinners where we catch up on each other’s lives. It sounds like we need another one soon!!!

    And summer is a-coming!!!

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