M & M’s


This is after Sunday’s run. I was hot and sweaty, not looking beautiful in the least. This is real training.

” The biggest mistake an athlete can make is to be afraid of making one” L. Ron Hubbard 

Training is one of those endurances in my life that I find particularly difficult is finding time. I am “part-time” teacher that actually works full-time. I am finding that I have every excuse in the book not to run. Today, Sunday, I made the choice to begin my run weeks on a Sunday instead of a Monday. I have also made the choice to get up early to run in the morning. I have tried this a thousand times before with no luck. This time I have to make it work. I know that the strength of the Lord will help me to get through the beginning torture of the morning run.

I went out for my new routine Sunday run and clocked a three-mile run this morning. It rocked. I felt great and my time was just a tad slower than normal.  I am getting back to the rhythm of my pace and feeling that my body is strong. I feel as though I could conquer the world, but know that I will only be able to do this with God by my side.

I am hoping my new routine takes shape quickly. Kenya is coming up quickly. I want my body in tip-top shape, before I venture to Kenya for ten days. Then we will be traveling to Dallas for about a week.

Any advice for improving times for a marathon?

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