M & M’s

” The biggest mistake an athlete can make is to be afraid of making one” L. Ron Hubbard  Training is one of those endurances in my life that I find particularly difficult is finding time. I am “part-time” teacher that actually works full-time. I am finding that I have every excuse in the book not […]

Daddy Doin work and the infamous photo

Daddy Doin Work is a website of a daddy blogger.  There was a photo posted that was heard literally around the world. You may or may not have heard about it. It was an African-American male getting his daughter  ready for school,while holding the other one in a carrier in  the front. Here is the […]

The other side of me

I am a strong-willed, spit-fire, five foot nothing and weigh about as much as a minute. When my husband left for Dallas for a small trip. I thought I got this, no big deal. What I failed to realize how God had designed our  marriage and us as a family. Our family just doesn’t work […]

Why I kissed Facebook Goodbye…

I ran into a friend at church the other night. The conversation went something like this: Friend:”It feels like you have fallen on the face of the earth.” Me: “Yeah, that’s what happens, when you delete Facebook.”   We then caught up on life and talked. She wasn’t being snarky or mean. but…. Facebook has […]