Father’s Day

I chronicle my life on this blog. I often get personal on my life, but don’t include too much of my extended or even my kids.  My mother can kill me once I get back in the country. This post is dedicated to my grandfather.


This Father’s Day started out like any other. My husband got his gifts. We ate breakfast and prepared to go to my grandfather’s house for lunch. This is our tradition. I am lucky that at 32 almost 33 that I still have both of my grandfathers living. My daughter’s have the privilege of having relationships with them. We all have a special relationship with my mother’s father. Let me start at the beginning.

I moved to the great state of Illinois at the ripe old age of 12. We moved back to my mother’s home state from North Carolina to be closer to her side of the family. My parents had divorced and my father lived in Georgia at the  time. I remember my uncle and grandfather coming to pack up the trucks and moved back  us “home”.  I won’t lie, I didn’t want to move. What 12-year-old does? On top it, I was starting middle school. The worst two years of my life, well, at that time. Yet, it was a blessing in disguise. I had a relationship with my grandparents, but it would blossom into a full-grown close relationship. We would stay at their house when my mother had to work. We would eat at their house all the time. I have many fond memories of them. I remember taking care of my grandfather when he had heart issues. My dad lived far away. He was present but not physically , he tried but couldn’t be. My grandfather was and I learned so much from him.  My grandfather was my “ideal” guy. He was kind, loving and had a short fuse.

We found out a few weeks that his cancer has come back. It is fast growing and in multiple parts of his body. On our way over to his house, I realized that this could be my last Father’s day with him. The man who I adored and loved was not going to live forever.  We all know that in our hearts of heart. We all know that we are all going to die and if we love Jesus, we will be in heaven. I know that he does and that brings me comfort.

We had made him a video of pictures celebrating his life for Father’s day. My husband being ever so wise had kept pictures on our computer of him from when he was young. As he watched, he began to cry, actually sob. There are very few times I have actually seen this happen. I had to walk out of the room. That is when I realized, he realized, that this time, we might not get next year.  After tears and unspoken words by the family , we celebrated the rest of the day.


At the end, we took pictures of the kids with grandpa. My husband being ever so wise, took just one of the two of us. Something that I could keep forever and remember.  There are no words to describe this man I love so much. It is inadequate and would come close express the depth of love I have for him.

Proverbs 16:31  “Gray hair is a crown of splendor; it is attained in the way of righteousness.”

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