A new Paleo life

I have blogged about my attempt at clean eating. The failures with it. I am now back on the wagon with a new ambition to really feel better. I am on a new path of a life style. I want to feel better. My headaches are ramping up again and to avoid more medication, I believe the food is a good place to start.   I am on summer break from teaching. This is a good time to start learning new recipes and quick and easy breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas.

I have discovered some new recipes and products that I will share:

1.  Avenno face wash, lotion and BB cream. I began using this after a suggestion from a friend of mine. I was tired of having my skin breakout and using the same old products that are not working on my 33 year old skin. I have found this is working so far. I love the BB cream. (Don’t get it in your eyes, it burns!) The BB cream is amazing. I have found it can build up to a great coverage. Then with a little powder, blush and lip gloss, I am done! unnamed-1

2.  Frozen fruit in water. I just started adding frozen fruit in my water to give it a little more flavor. It is amazing and tastes great. It also helps me get in the water  I need for the day.

unnamed3.  Apple chips: This is a pinterst thing. I first made this with a flop. I cut them to thick and they turned out chewy. The second batch turned out much better. I cut them paper thin and added just cinnamon. I baked them a little higher setting and boom, they are pretty good. Disclaimer, they are good, but it won’t take the place of real sweets.


4. Whole fruit pops. This is also a pinterst thing. We went to this amazing whole fruit popsicle place in Dallas. In the Quad Cities, we don’t have such a thing. This type of stuff we have to make on our own. Enter pinterst, the Ninja, fruit, honey and lemon juice.  They aren’t ready tonight as I blog. There will be an update for adjustments on these. I will have to let you all know, how they turned out.



I am also trying homemade marinades for chicken. It does take more time to eat this way, but I feel the benefits out weigh the prep time involved.  Any suggestions for more eating clean/Paleo?



2 thoughts on “A new Paleo life

  1. Hi! We are doing Whole 30 which is a little more strict than Paleo but we use a lot of Paleo recipes. I like Nom Nom Paleo’s blog, “Well Fed” cookbook as well as a few random Paleo recipe sites. Preparation is the key to eating healthy! Keep up the good work! Love to hear what recipes you like. I will email the recipes we have enjoyed if you like:)

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