Failure and Victory

10523724_1500808026823540_2318229284230353014_nIt started it out with a lost pair of keys. The keys were not in sight. I looked high and low. I looked at the two eager girls ready to go conquer Target to tell them quietly ” We won’t be going today. I can’t find my keys.”


My daughters looked at me with disappointment shining in their eyes, quietly said ” Okay, we understand.”

They walked out of sight.


The feeling hits every mom somewhere at some time. It being the lost car keys, the broken promise of some kind. It truly inevitable in our life. We will do it to our children. We are human beings.

Failure is like a cloak we wear. The feelings of failure is accompanied with the thoughts of other areas of failure.

My house is not organized (clean, but not organized).

My laundry is behind.

My classroom is not completely set up. 

Failure is something I don’t wear often. I take it off like a bad pair of jeans. The feeling sometimes just won’t leave me. I can’t shake it. I feel it in the pit of my stomach all the way to my heart.

I sat and cried about the missing car keys. I have yet to find them. Even as I write to you. I am struggling with not crying.  The missing cars are symbol of things much bigger. I know it. I know it will leave.

Are you living in failure today? Let’s take victory today instead of the failure the world will give us. We are not super moms nor do we need to be. We are just moms. I told my husband last night, I was not a super mom. I am too needy. I need the Lord too much to be super.  I can’t make it a day without Him. I will swap super mom for being the Lord’s any day.

Victory. Jesus gave it to us. Let’s take His hand and run with him.

2 thoughts on “Failure and Victory

  1. Amen! When we feel like a failure, we must rest in the victory that has already been accomplished in Christ. The Lord reminded me of that today when one of my kids had a very bad meltdown in public. Running to The Lord made all the difference.

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