Going to Kindergarten

My oldest is started Kindergarten yesterday! Oh my gosh, where did the time go? My baby is a going to school all day. I can’t believe it. My mind is blown and sad all at the same time. It felt like yesterday, I was holding her in my arms. The first summer wrapping up and thinking to myself, we have all the time in the world. In a flash, the years are gone. GONE!

My beautiful girl1(BG1) is having a hard time with going to a new school. The safety net of what is familiar is now gone.  BG1 is really not understanding the whole “big” kid school. The whole day thing, the eating lunch with a lunch box, the recess etc. She is freaked out. She is freaked out to the point that she making up imaginary scenarios  in our home. For example, Sunday rolls around. Bed time comes to our home. We put BG1 and BG2 to bed. Then all of a sudden BG1 is bawling her eyes out because there could be a fire that burns the whole house with her beloved Lambie. She is crying and we are at a loss. We talk to her about how God has protected her and Lambie, how he will continue to do so. That seemed to ease her mind.

She is completely my child. I have allowed fear to enter my life many times and it is now showing up in hers. It is heartbreaking to watch this BG1 struggle through this. I want to take it all away. But alas, I can’t. I have to teach her that God can. I have to model this behavior in my own walk with Him.


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