Are you laughing?

How often do you laugh? I mean really laugh. The kind of the laughing that makes your belly hurt. The laughter that fills your lungs. You laugh so hard you snort or can’t breath. If you haven’t laughed that hard in a while, what’s causing you to stop? What is stressing you out so badly that it takes away your joy and laughter?

We just recently did a photo shoot for our family pictures. Instead of being completely stressed out and it being enjoyable, we decided to do something fun. Our photographer brought color powder. The type that is used in the color run. It’s a powder that is lightweight and it is like chalk. We were instructed to wear blue jeans and white shirts. We did just as we were told. We explained to the girls what was in store that day.

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It was a bright sunny day. We walked down a beautiful wooded park. We let the girls run ahead.

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We got into the stream and played in the water.

Schrempf Color Shoot-0022

After exploration, we had to find the perfect spot to throw the powder. We walked and found the perfect little path in between the trees.  We got the powder ready…

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And began to throw…

Schrempf Color Shoot-0031

It was the most fun we have had yet as a family. We laughed so hard and made memories. It was not a stressful day. It was fun. The pictures turned out beautiful and we still look at them and laugh. We remember how good it was to play and have fun.  My oldest daughter #1 still talks about it. She wants to do as an extended family with her cousins. It was so fun.



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Schrempf Color Shoot-0160

Every time I start to stress and sweat the small stuff. I go back to these pictures.  I look at them and laugh. I thank God for the blessings that He has bestowed on me. I remember He is in control. I try to find something to laugh about everyday. I find the joy and laughter surrounding me. I have to look for it. I have to find it in my children, my students, my husband and my everyday life. It’s hard some days, but there is something in every single one of my days to laugh about and find joy in. I really have to look and find it.

Schrempf Color Shoot-0150


Photographs by: Christina Gregor Photography.

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