My 21 day fix journey

I have finished up my 21 day fix. I have enjoyed this journey so much. I started this journey not intending the benefits, feelings and body changes. Both some I expected and others I did not.  I did drink the Shakeology. I had no idea what I was in for as I started this journey.

I began thinking I was going to stop on day 21. I was going to end the journey and begin eating “regular” again. I figured I would “suffer” through the 21 days and not eat normally. I basically cut out processed foods.  I found out that it was not as hard as I had expected.

What is the 21 day Fix?

This is a 21 day program that is designed by Autumn Cabrese. It is a Beachbody product. I began this program in a challenge group started on Facebook by a friend. I bought the program with the DVD’s, Shakeology and containers.  It came and I started.  It comes with an instruction booklet and workouts that only last half an hour. The color containers indicate what food group you are eating. (For example, purple is fruit, green is vegetables, red is protein, etc). You figure out your baseline calories and which set of guidelines you fall into as far as how many containers you get per day. No calorie counting.  Just put the food (that are included in the booklet) and eat.



I had heard mixed reviews on Shakeology. I bought the Vanilla.  I was so excited to try it out, I made one right away. I loved it. I LOVED IT.  I make them into shakes, normally using one of my fruits for the day and some type of almond milk and water. It is a wonderful breakfast or snack. I love it. I drink it everyday and could not imagine not drinking it.



I came up with 5 non-scale victories:

1.  I can see my abs. I have an actual line where my obliques should be 🙂 (the side of your abs)

2. My butt doesn’t juggle when I run anymore. I am a marathoner and I juggle when I run. No longer because of the toning of the workout.

3. I feel stronger. I just feel stronger. When I run, I feel so much more in shape.

4. There is less cellulite at the top of my legs in the back. That is getting rid of the fat.

5. My food tastes 10 times better. I can taste all the flavors and everything is better.

My husband agrees. He has begun the fix as well and has said the same thing. We have made this our lifestyle now. We won’t use the color containers when the fix is over, but we do know how we should be eating and what portions. If we need reminders we can always go back.

If you are interested in your journey join me! I was not a coach when I signed up for this program. Through this program I fell in love so much. I have decided to become a coach. Start your journey with me by your side. I will share in your struggles and encourage you all the way.

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I would love to help you!

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