Crazy Cat lady










I would never have thought I would become a cat person or lady. I mean cats are so…cats! They have no personality (or at least that’s what I thought). I have wanted a dog for years in our marriage. When we got married. We had two fur babies we loved very much, Jake and Gunner. These dogs were amazing and we loved them. Okay, Gunner as really high strung. Think of the movie Marley & Me…that was Gunner.


Gunner was my hubby’s dog. They were buddies. I tolerated Gunner. I still miss him now that he is gone.

When those dogs passed, we could never find another dog that fit in our home with our children. My husband wanted a big dog and I wanted a small one. My husband hated hated winter time with the dogs. We went dogless for a few years. I was miserable. I love animals. I love having an animal to cuddle with on the couch.

Well, we were invited, My oldest daughter and I to a birthday party at an animal welfare center here in our town. My oldest was so excited! I mean really excited. We brought our donations. The animal welfare volunteer or worker, came out with a kitten. (Now for YEARS, YEARS I had told my oldest that we could not have a kitten because of my husbands allergies. I might have embellished on how severe her dad’s reaction might be.) So, my daughter being super sweet and careful, informed the welfare lady that the kitten would “kill her daddy.” (I said I embellished! No judgement.)

We went into the cat room and all the cats just loved my oldest. I went home and told my husband what a great time it was and how much our oldest loved the cats. After talking with several people, my hubby and I decided to try to see his reactions. We went back to the welfare center.  We explained to the girls what we were doing and why we needed to go there. My husband went into the cat room. Held some cats and no reaction.

We went home and talked about it. We figured a kitten might be the best addition. They are lower mantiance than a dog, but we wanted one that liked to be held.











We were advised to get two. We went and picked out Elsa our first kitten. She loved being held…at first, but after the first few weeks, the girls began to understand Elsa’s moods and vice versa. A month later we went a adopted Anna. (yes, we like Frozen and yes our cats are named after them.)










I have become a crazy cat lady. They love me the best and are social. You can see our cats throughout the day. They let the girls hold, carry and love on them. I know you are wondering about my husband…he is just fine.

This has been the best for him. We are all happy and he doesn’t have to get up in the morning to take the animals out. It’s truly a win-win for the family.

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