Mother of girls

I am the mother of two beautiful girls.  I love every stage of my girls.  love watching them grow and learn. I love them interacting with each other and playing. I love watching them play dolls and doing crafts together.


The thing about motherhood is making all the right choices. I am their example. They look to me as to what being a wife, a mother and mostly what a woman is about. They look at my marriage and think one of two things:

“I want that when I grow up” or ” I want to run as far away from that!”

I am like all mothers. I worry that working takes something away from them. Am I not doing enough? What I doing too much for others?

I don’t claim to do it all.

In fact, I can’t. I can’t manage all the super mom things. I can’t keep a spotless house, make gourmet dinners and be perfect…you know perfect. I feel like pull of the world telling me that I am less than perfect. All the mommy blogs out there telling me 20 different ways to clean my house and 30 reason why I should make freezer meals.

I can’t.

My daughters get a mother who is imperfect to the core. Who is in need of her loving Savior everyday.

I melt down.

I cry.

I succeed.

I fail.

I am real.

I do things that are wrong.

I do things that are right.

I have to say sorry to my girls for my mistakes.

Guess what?

I know that every single step I take, God is right there with me.

Motherhood is hard whether you work or not. We all have things that are difficult in our paths. We all feel like giving up or shouting.

At least, I do.

At the end of my life, I will not have a lot of money. I will not have a fancy car. I will never have a huge home to make the papers.

I will have my God, my hubby and my girls.

In the end, that’s all I  need.

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