Why I kissed Facebook Goodbye…

flickr,Sean MacEntee,2011

Flickr,Sean MacEntee,2011

I ran into a friend at church the other night. The conversation went something like this:

Friend:”It feels like you have fallen on the face of the earth.”

Me: “Yeah, that’s what happens, when you delete Facebook.”   We then caught up on life and talked. She wasn’t being snarky or mean. but….

Facebook has become the source of all your breaking news of friends,. If you having a baby, what your eating, if someone has died, and even if you have something really serious going on in your life, you post it on Facebook. Sometimes it seems the world is involved in your world, maybe more than it should be. This isn’t something a million articles, researchers and bloggers haven’t written about. The good, bad, and indifferent of social media. The debate over the best social media; Twitter, instagram, Facebook, tumblr, etc… is there as will always be as technology advances.  You may have all of the current social media or just a few.  Everyone, I has one vice with social media. At one time, I had most of the social media out there.  Facebook was  my main vice. I loved Facebook. I got to stay in tuned with my friends (mind you that lived in town) and with my family (that also lived in and out of town).

But slowly this source of  social media as it tends to do, became a source of pain. I would see gatherings that we weren’t invited to or play dates that other friends had without me.(eventually, God did an amazing work on my heart with that issue, and that didn’t bother me). Mind you those are not bad things, I am not condemning anyone for having something without me.This is about my inability to stay neutral.

During sources of conflict with family or friends, I would often see pictures or things that we were left out on. It began to hurt, and hurt deep. It begin to impede in my life too much.This is FACEBOOK, I am talking about. As, I type this, now, I feel silly, but it wasn’t at the time. It hurt and the pain was there. Superficial at times and silly but still there.

After one conflict over a picture posted and hurt feelings, I quit Facebook. It was then in that moment that in the quietness of my moments of God, in my hurt, that I saw how Facebook was destroying  my heart. It was my idol. I spent entirely too much time on that form of media. It was on my phone, my Ipad, and my computer. I would check it constantly. It took time that I should have been spending in God’s word, my family or reading other things.  After time in prayer, I simply deactivated my account and haven’t looked back. I do have a twitter, pinterst, and instagram. But those don’t occupy my time or my heart like Facebook did.

Flickr, 2009

Flickr, 2009

The beauty of hurting is you see God more clearly. Like this stained glass window. It is broken pieces of a glass but when put together, it is made into a beautiful window.

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