Is clean eating for you?

Photo by: Masahiro Ihara 2008

Photo by: Masahiro Ihara

The new year always brings new challenges for people. Some want to get fit, start eating healthy, or just improve something in their life.  My new challenge is to begin the eating clean fad. I am not sure if it is a fad, but I digress.  Why am I beginning to eat “clean”? I suffer from chronic migraines. I make drug reps very happy with the amount of medication I am on currently. Due to my medication, I have lost some weight and am currently very petite. You might be wondering, why are you writing a blog on “clean” eating or even doing a doing this fad?

I have started “clean” eating  to see what foods are triggers  trigger of my migraines. I am beginning by eating very little to no processed food. This is a difficult task. I will then reintroduce some processed food, such as cheese and chocolate to see how I fair.

I hate it. I hate “clean” eating. It takes 21 days to form a habit. I am on day 4 or 5. I seriously hate that I can’t eat my junk food. I have a serious sugar intake issue. I hate having to cut up everything I eat and watching where I pick up food. Which makes eating out impossible.

After some research, I have decided to do 80% “clean” eating and 20% non-“clean” eating. I believe this will help my test to see what my triggers for headaches and I won’t feel as deprived in my food intake.

Any advice for you “clean” eaters out there? How can I make this work?

Seriously, all I want is a piece of cake or a pack of Skittles!

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