Daddy Doin work and the infamous photo

Ben doin' work with the girls and their AWANA

Ben doin’ work with the girls and their AWANA

Daddy Doin Work is a website of a daddy blogger.  There was a photo posted that was heard literally around the world. You may or may not have heard about it. It was an African-American male getting his daughter  ready for school,while holding the other one in a carrier in  the front.

Here is the link to the photo and his story behind the photo. I won’t repost that photo on my blog out of respect for his blog. Plus, his blog is hilarious. It is a must read for parents. My husband now secretly has a bromance with this guy.  I am not sure if the male blogger, Doyin, knows but my hubby loves him.

Now remember: I tend not to use swear words in my writing due to my faith beliefs but this guy does.  That’s how he drives home his points. Its his belief that he does but I believe that this story and his blog is a worthwhile read.

Now, back to the photo that was heard around the world. I began to ponder, why aren’t all “good” daddies posting pictures of themselves doing great things. My husband is a great father. When we had our oldest in 2009, he was taken with her the moment in he held her in his arms. (He got to hold her first due to my C-section).  My mom told me: “When I saw Ben coming down the hall with your daughter, he was gone.”  The man has been gone since.

Looking back on who I could have picked out to be the father of my children, I am so glad I did not choose. I am glad God choose for me. God did a mighty work in this man, that I love as my husband and daddy to our girls.  As, Doyin, says “daddying” (Yes, he uses it as a verb. It personally drives me crazy.) is for every male.  He believes that his picture should not have been that big of a deal.  He also says: “If a mother had posted that picture, it wouldn’t have been.” He’s right.

Ben doin work on the ginger bread house with the girls

Ben doin work on the ginger bread house with the girls

I post pictures all the time of my husband doing wonderful things with our daughters. Yet, it didn’t make national T.V.  We aren’t going around doing interviews because my husband is the same as this man.  Don’t take this as hatin’ on him (as my students would say) but merely pointing out, that all MEN should BE doing this!

If you have noticed throughout this blog, I have posted pictures of my husband doin work. To the husbands/ boyfriends out there handling it and taking care of their family. Great job! The rest of you, STEP IT UP!

I teach everyday to students missing daddies doin’ work. It’s heartbreaking and has lasting personal effects on them.  Be the Change you want to see in the World!


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