My clean eating journey

b68e45adf700c8206bf91ebc0a47f49bI have begun what people call “clean eating”.  I am cutting processed foods out of my diet and sticking to more natural foods. This means that I am spending more money on items that have a shorter shelf life.

I have discovered, how much processed food, I actually eat.  First, what is a processed food? That is the main question, I am asked.

According to a processed food is : ” The United States Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, Section 201, Chapter II defines processed food as “any food other than a raw agricultural commodity and includes any raw agricultural commodity that has been subject to processing, such as canning, cooking, freezing, dehydration, or milling.”

Processed food is just as its sounds, its processed in a factory and put in a box. It has added ingredients to make the shelf life longer. If you are grocery shopping and you are eating “clean” you stick to the outside perimeter of the grocery store. This is where the fresh produce and meat will be located.

Well, back to my journey. I am getting use to eating this way. I am still on the 80% non-processed and 20% processed food way of eating.  It is too difficult for me to completely cut out processed food.  I have begun to notice that I don’t crave sugar like I use to and I am constantly wanting to drink water more.  I am still lacking in energy, which I found to be surprising. I thought I would be jacked up on energy. I have begun to eat smoothies with all kinds of crazy things in them in order to gain protein, iron and other key nutrients.

I am finding the more I eat this way, the more easy it is to cut out the processed food, because my body just does not want it.

Journey on this clean eating: week 2 to 2 1/2, doing fairly well. Still learning to navigate my way around what is and is not natural. Just because it says its natural does not make it natural.  I am also learning that I like eating healthy. As for the triggers, I have discovered, Oreos and cheese are triggers to my migraines.

I don’t believe this will prolong my life. God has numbered my days, that is a biblical truth. I know that He is in charge of my life. I want to take care of the body He has given me and treat it with respect.  What I put into my body is important.  I am learning balance and most importantly discipline.

One thought on “My clean eating journey

  1. When you change to a lifestyle like this you’ll become a label reader. Don’t worry about the macros like carbs, fats and proteins but focus on the ingredients list. I eat this way during the summer to cut body fat while trying to maintain weight. It’s great. you really do feel the difference, your body just feels and performs better. good luck

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