Clean eating fail

Clean Eating Flickr, 2008 Taken By: Jo

Clean Eating
Flickr, 2008
Taken By: Jo

If you have been following my blog since the 2014 has started, you have been aware of my desire to begin the “clean” eating habits in my life.

I have blogged about weeks one and two. I have one word for week three: FAIL! Big fat FAIL!  I was doing really well in fact. I use the 80% clean and 20% processed.  Then week three hits and for some reason,  I caved. I didn’t have start with a craving. I just caved and it started with a piece of cake. Then it lead into a brownie at work and so on. I know it’s not easy to replace all my old habits.  I know that at times, I will relapse into unhealthy food. I try not to deprive myself of “fun” treats. This is not about weight loss for me as well. (Trust me!)

It’s Sunday night, I look forward to next week. I went grocery shopping today which helps. I bought very little processed food (even for my husband and kids).  We are all learning to eat better.  I had so many headaches last week, I could not even tell you the triggers. That is the whole purpose of the “clean” eating.

So, blogging world, I failed! I also failed at working out. I worked out once. I have signed up for a new challenge at work to work out most days  of the week until spring break.

Here is me admitting my failure and looking forward to victory.  My victory will be found in looking toward the Lord’s strength. I have been finding that a lot lately.

Psalm 118 is really my verses right now. The entire thing. If you need strength, look these verses up. They are amazing!

Keep on fighting.

Jo. Clean Eating . Flickr. Los Angles.

2 thoughts on “Clean eating fail

  1. Don’t worry! We all have those weeks where we mess up a little. Just a few weeks ago, I didn’t workout at all for 6 days, and I ate some pretty bad foods. Just remember that you can’t live your entire life worrying about slip-ups; it’s bound to happen. The important thing is that you didn’t give up! Good for you 🙂

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